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Thats Hella Bay is our corner of the web where we shout-out, praise and give props to all things Born and Bread in the Bay Area of Northern California. There is a long list of ideas, music, slag, athelets, politicians, inventions, trends and movements that come out of the Bay Area and we like to recognize it all.

Thats Hella Cool

Everyone loves cool things, no matter what it cost and were no different. is dedicated to all things that make you go Wow! Fancy cars, exotic places, natural wonders and more. If its cool we'll check it out but if it's hella cool its on

Thats Hella Funny holds a special place in our hearts becuase it was the first "hella" website that was created in the collection. On you can upload your own comedy, news, images, .gif animations and videos. You can follow other users and grown your following as well. If youre looking for a good laugh or a live comedy show near you, you can buy comedy tickets at

Thats Hella Stupid

The million dollar question. Is there a difference between dumb and stupid? Some may seem to think so. But in the case of Hella Stupid, it really doesnt matter. These people and scenerios are just so stupid you cant help but lol, smh and all those other alphabets people use now a days to describe stupidy. doesnt disappoint, see for yourself.